After doing the layout of other fanzines for friends, we started our own magazine in 1999 – which was the fundament for all other activities at Publikat. The first issue was sold out within weeks, which gave us the motivation and focus on our mission. The aim for the magazine is to present a nice mix of the ongoing activities in Graffiti, basically focused on the European scene, but also with kicks over the ocean from time to time. The featured artists are always a balanced mix of young guns and the elder kings. Our cover design is very unique, and we are proud to have had most of the biggest names in the game on our front: OSGEMEOS, REVOK, PHOS4 – the list is long and we have tons of ideas to fill the next 50 issues with fresh Graff from all over the world! At this point, we are releasing two issues a year, and the circulation is worldwide. I guess there are almost no writers’ bookshelves without an issue of  Stylefile!